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A Global Conversation Engine
Echo enables ministries around the world to provide Christ-seeking individuals with authentic live conversation anytime, anywhere.

Echo is a communications platform created from the ground up to help Christian ministries share the good news with seekers. Echo currently supports Web Chat, Texting, and Phone calls into the system.

We call it Echo Global, because Echo is used all over the world. It has security built into it's DNA and we can't wait to show it to you.


Imagine being able to have conversations with seekers over text messages, all from a centralized interface that your team will use.

Echo stands in the middle between the seeker and your team. Eventhough you are texting them, you never are texting them from your personal phone number. All texts can come from the phone number you specify for that campaign.

Echo could be the tool that God uses to complete the Great Commission. It perfectly aligns with our vision of a multitude from every language, people, tribe and nation knowing and worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ. Echo is the piece we will need to accomplish this in our lifetime.
Dr. Tom Elliff
Previous President, Southern Baptist International Mission Board
The Echo Global Conversation Engine platform is a global evangelism game-changer. Need Him has always been on the leading edge of leveraging missions and technology in responding to millions of people about beginning a relationship with Jesus Christ. Their latest advancement, Echo, will be key to LPEA reaching the last unreached people groups around the world. This platform ensures that LPEA can respond to any seeker anywhere in the world. This technology reclassifies everyone in the world as ‘reachable.’
Kevin Palau
President, Luis Palau Association
Our prayer is for Echo to be the global ‘mega response platform’ for all kingdom-minded ministries. We are committing CRU time and resources to see this happen. Whether using phone, email, chat, text, or social media...we pray Echo will be made available to every ministry around the world that has a heart to give everyone an opportunity to say YES to the message of reconciliation in Christ.
Steve Douglass
President / CEO, Campus Crusade for Christ International


Ministries need a way to communicate easily.

We've got it covered.

You shouldn’t have to be a technical expert to run a ministry.

This new approach allows volunteers to access Echo from any computer in order to interact with those seeking to discuss a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ministries are able to install, create, and share resource packs across ministries, equipping volunteers with best-in-class answers.

You can clearly see all volunteer conversations in real time, helping you recognize their strengths and encourage them in ways to help them improve.

Echo allows ministries to train volunteers through an elegant, simple, video and quiz based e-learning system. Ministries can create training requirements for volunteers, forcing them to complete their training before communicating with seekers.

Keep volunteers up to date on ministry progress in the news section, immediately visible upon login.

Echo isolates both volunteer and seeker information while monitoring conversations in the system in order to keep everyone’s identity secure and protected.

Talk to people about Jesus, not computer issues.

Echo is modern, scalable, and secure - custom-built and deployed on servers worldwide using progressive programming languages including Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, and WebRTC (Real Time Communication).

Even though Echo can do it all, you might not want your volunteers to have full access. Echo lets ministries set specific permission boundaries for each group of volunteers.

Echo currently supports the ability to provision a phone number in 41 countries around the world, many of them instantly from inside Echo’s interface. If a phone number is compromised in a country like Iran, ministries now have the ability to choose a new number and answer calls and texts within a matter of minutes.

Because it is language independent, there are no limitations as to who can use Echo. Users around the world can experience Echo with ease in their own language, including those that read right-to-left. Once Echo has been translated into a new language, that language is then available to all ministries on the platform.

Echo has a built-in, full-featured autoresponder system, allowing ministries to set up automated marketing messages for seekers.

But Echo doesn’t stop there.

What makes Echo unique is that at anytime in the process, a seeker can respond to an automated message, initiating a conversation with a volunteer. Echo can also send an autoresponder with a unique link and a Facebook connect button. When the seeker clicks on the link and registers with Facebook, Echo will automatically merge that information with their cellphone number — collecting useful profile data.

Volunteer Tools

Visualize the volunteer experience like never before.

Out of the Box Start-Up Option (Echo + Chromebook)

Ministries spend too much time and money on tech support for their volunteers’ personal computers. With Echo + Chromebook, ministries can focus on telling people about Jesus - not how to defragment their hard drive.

For ministries without existing computers in their call centers, a Chromebook is an inexpensive*, easy-to-use, and secure device. It’s less than $250, with nothing to install, and virus-free. And it runs Echo beautifully.

In the case of an extreme security issue, the Chrome OS has a ‘powerwash’ function that can delete all traces of the user in less than one minute.

* HP Chromebook 11 pictured on right / Available for $239 on Amazon

We need your help to

Tell everyone about jesus

This can’t happen without help from visionaries like you.


Echo is always working for the ministries to consolidate and enhance information.

Echo was built with ministry partnerships in mind.

With Echo, ministries can choose to partner together and answer each other’s conversations to help share the load.

This feature is not required and can be a one-way relationship, giving ministries complete control over where access is granted.

What makes Echo unique is that it collects seeker information and shares it with all other ministries using Echo. For the first time there is an easy way for ministries to learn from and work with each other, while still protecting the integrity of their data.

With more and more ministries using Echo, we are able to track seekers as they traverse across ministries. Imagine knowing that seekers who first interact with ministry A - a ministry that doesn’t have many people accepting Christ - are consistently funneled into ministry B - which reports a larger salvation rate.

Echo reveals that ministry A is the first step in a funnel pushing seekers to ministry B, and both ministries gain valuable knowledge that can be used to strategize and work together.

Simple. Easy to Understand. Reporting and Seeker Scoring.

With the Dashboard and Reporting tools built into Echo, it has never been easier to keep up with ministry activity and growth. For ministries that opt in, Echo can roll those metrics up to a Global Dashboard.

This data can be specific to one ministry, or it can show compiled data from other ministries around the world.

For the first time in history we will be able to see how God is moving in multiple ministries around the globe! Think of the strategic advantage we can offer ministries once we can identify which trends and topics are creating engagement.

Echo will continuously have new ways to score and rank seekers, helping each ministry understand which visitors are ready to take the next step, which ones are social media influencers, and which ones are disruptive.

built into Echo. This, combined with machine learning, will allow ministries to know when they are interacting with their target demographic and help them ensure that the campaigns they launch are bringing traffic best suited for that ministry. Echo will even be able to detect the characteristics of a seeker and put them into an appropriate autoresponder based on their profile.

How does this work? Echo assigns each seeker a number, scoring them throughout the clickthrough process. The higher the number, the more qualified a candidate is. (Examples...Clicked on the website, provided an email address, opened the email, clicked on the link, typed in additional information, watched a video - each gets a point.) A chat comes into Echo, and we now know that they’ve interacted X amount of times with the materials we’ve sent.


Securely make phone calls and send text messages to anywhere in the world.
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Some Frequently Asked Questions
How can ministries see how they are doing with Echo?
Current reporting methods are messy, difficult, and confusing. Echo provides comprehensive data in one simple, clean display. This data can be specific to one ministry or can show compiled data from other ministries around the world. Echo can also roll up the data at a higher level and show globally what all ministries are doing with the platform.
How do we transmit information to all of the right people at the right time?
No more compiling data from various sources and trying to communicate that information to the necessary people. With Echo, all data is available in real-time for those who need to know.
What is the method for helping the seeker with the next steps?
Echo is extensible. With a collection of API’s that is always growing, other third party developers can build systems that connect to the Echo platform. This allows each ministry to make sure their specific needs are met.
What about security?
Security has been at the forefront of our minds as we have built Echo. At the end of this booklet you will see some of the measures we have taken to ensure the Echo is always secure.
Interested in using Echo?